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We all love hot and spicy foods,
but it’s hard to find the perfect hot sauce.
Here introduce to you with a small spoon 
that can spice up your taste buds!

To cook a good dish
Not oily and yet still tasty
It can be harder than you think !

Although spicy sauces
can help us to have a better flavour
for our dishes,
But to find a tasty and spicy sauce
that is also healthy?
That’s not easy!

introduce to you
a multi-use spicy sauce
goes perfectly with almost anything!

The perfect balance of flavor and spice~

【Ong Ong Sambai Haebi】

Just one small spoon

The sauce can enhance
the flavour of your favourite dish!
You couldn’t stop yourself
from eating more!
Fresh local ingredients direct from farm

Better than other sambai haebi sauce
healthier and tastier!

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Over 20 Years Experience

Only use the freshest ingredients!
48 months of trial and error to
ensure the great quality and taste of sauce

Multi-use Sauce

 It’s so delicious and goes perfectly with almost anything!

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