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Calculate Dependent Protection & Liability

Financial help for your dependents

With peace of mind, your family is financially supported in the event that you're not around. But how much do they need? To figure out what's needed to provide for them if something were to happen, use our handy dependent protection and liability calculator!

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Calculate Your Critical Illness Cover

Health cover when you need it most

Critical illnesses are scary events no one thinks will happen until it does - but when it happens there is often nothing someone can do except worry about how much this emergency situation might cost financially because of all those income-sapping medical expenses piling up! That may be why so many people neglect protecting themselves with insurance plans like Critical Illness Cover.

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Calculate Retirement Fund Needed

A happy life in the golden years

Your retirement years should be all about looking forward to a limitless amount of leisure time and enjoying the fruits of your labours. But do you know how much it will cost to enable you enjoy this lifestyle? Use our handy retirement calculator, or live long enough for some other enterprising company like ours to come up with something even better!

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Calculate Your Child Education Fund

Teaching lessons for life

Education is an expensive affair! Tuition costs for kindergarten to tertiary education are skyrocketing and it can take a toll on your finances. Prepare now by using our child education fund calculator to find out how much you’ll need in order provide the best possible opportunities for your children's future success!

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Calculate Disability Coverage

Help if you are unable to work

Disability coverage is not a choice, but an inevitability. Even the most active person can fall victim to accidents and illnesses that could leave them unable to work for months or years on end. When you find yourself in this position, it's important to know what options are available so as not be left with nothing when your paycheck no longer comes in each month. Use our disability coverage calculator today and get started planning now!

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Calculate Savings Goal

Make your dreams come true

Dreams are important. They're the things that we want to obtain in our lives and they help us remember what it is we really like about life. If you have a dream, use this calculator! It will tell you how much work or money needs to be put into your goal for it happen so don't forget: everyone can make their dreams come true if they just try hard enough-- even if other people say no!

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bring your dreams to life.

lets us find the best insurance & finances to suit you!


Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a life-saver for some people, as they are able to afford treatment and medication without going into debt or losing their house in order to pay off hospital bills.


Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a type of coverage that can help you if it's your own fault for getting hurt. It usually covers the cost to pay doctors and hospitals, but does not cover lost wages or things like funeral expenses.


Wealth Accumulation

Planning for your future, particularly in terms of accumulating wealth may seem daunting or even impossible. It doesn't have to feel that way though - whether you're just getting started on the road to financial security or looking at ways to further protect what's already been accomplished, you may contact us for free consultations!


Unit Trust Services

This is an cost-effective and convenient way to invest for both short term or long term periods. If you're looking into investing but don't know where the money should go then this may be an option worth exploring! Just call us for free consultations!


Other Services

We do have travel insurance, motor insurance, house insurance and many more. We do offers insurance for corporate needs too. We will help you find a plan that suits your needs to make sure insurance is not going to be too costly. Call us today for free advises!

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joey Lim

Joey Lim

Owner of JLFC Financial Consultancy

With more than 7 years of experiences in insurance and financial industry, Joey Lim has helped over 100 customers with their needs!

“As an experienced worker in the field of insurance and finance, I have had to face many challenges head on- but never one that was as important or personal as helping you find protection for your family’s future.”

Contact no. : +6011-5890 9709
Email : joeylim1594.kms@gmail.com
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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