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Bought a lot of exercise books
But your kids never interested
to study them
Here introduce to you
only requires daily 30 mins practice
could help your kids
to improve writing and learning skill!

Due to busy work schedule
never have the time to monitor kid’s studies
and the current school syllabus is getting harder!

Totally have no idea
how to teach the kids right
or help them to have more interest
in studying Chinese language!

Practising writing

not just only help your kid
to learn vocabulary but help to
improve writing skills as well!

Yanyi Tuition
【Mandarin Writing Worksheet Set】

华语生词练字帖 contains

More than 100
Chinese Vocabulary

for your kids to learn word stroke order
and Mandarin phonic guideline 
improve their writing and learning skill!

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Hence,only requires
Daily 30 mins Practice

Mandarin Writing Worksheet Set
able to help your kids

48 Months of Customisation
【Mandarin Writing Worksheet Set】

Based on Malaysia School SJKC Syllabus
Includes learning vocabulary
and english explanation

Daily 30 mins Practice

Chinese vocabulary and writing skill speedy improved!

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99% good ratings and reviews from parents

Yanyi Tuition

(physical class in Semenyih)

Primary School – SJKC (5 subjects)
Secondary School – SMK (BM & Math)
1-to-1 | Depth Discussion |Focused Training

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Purchase 3 sets & above to enjoy extra 10% discount!

yanyi tuition - kindergarten set

Price:RM20-RM27 / per set

yanyi tuition - primary set

Price:RM20-RM40 / per set


West Malaysis RM8, East Malaysia RM16

5-7 working days

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