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Are you looking for a selangor financial consultant? If so, we recommend that you visit our website to find the best selangor financial consultants. We have compiled the most comprehensive list of selangor financial consultants on this site and we are confident that you will find what you need here.

Financial consultant is someone who helps people manage their personal finance. Financial consulting service provider assists consumers in managing their money and investments by providing comprehensive investment solutions including business, real estate development funds, unit trust services as well as insurance products to help them achieve economic independence through proper management of finances.In Selangor, there are many financial consultants.  

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 QD Financial

A financial consultant service in Selangor, offers a wide range of services for Selangor and the surrounding area. Their financial consultants are always ready to assist you with any question that may arise.

They work with individuals and businesses looking for investment advice as well as loan application advices. 

Services provided : SME loans, overdraft facility, project financing, refinancing, personal loans etc.
Contact no. :
+6017 987 4749
Email :


JLFC Financial & Insurance Consultancy

A professional financial and insurance consultancy with more than 7 years experiences in Selangor. JLFC have the skills to help you get a better understanding of how money and insurance works in order to provide advice on what suits you best, whether it is life insurances or investments.

Services provided : Life insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance, wealth accumulation, unit trust service and others
Contact no. :
+6011-5890 9709
Email :


CG Solutions

CG Solutions is a leading financial consultancy firm based in Kuala Lumpur. With more than 7 years of experience and expertise, we are at the forefront of providing customised solutions to meet your financial needs. We have successfully delivered many such financial consultations to individuals, companies and organisations looking for debt or equity financing.

Services provided : SME loans, overdraft facility, project financing, refinancing, personal loans etc.
Contact no. :
 +6013-314 8318
Email :


EZ Loan

EZ loan is a financial consultancy Selangor and also a Selangor loan provider for those who need loans in Selangor at reduced rates with flexible repayment options. Contact them today if you need professional advices in loan application or finance management, for individual or business.

Services provided : SME loans, overdraft facility, project financing, refinancing
Contact no. :
 +6011-6135 7057
Email :


We hope that the above list compiled financial consultants in Selangors could help you save some times in searching for the best reliable financial consultancy service.

Contact them today for personal finance advices and loan application advices. They do provide free consultancy! Or you may visit their website for more info.


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